Professional therapy

In a physiotherapy practice, you have several options for professional therapy:  For the ‘ one on one’ treatment the  PRO6 Model MK400L is the device with most treatment options and suitable for daily continuous use. The PRO6 series is designed for intensive and regular use by a professional. These devices have eight preset programs , which provide ample opportunity for variety and all the steps can be further adjusted manually. You can also use preset combinations of treatments. The PRO6 systems are not only meant for edema therapists but also for sports therapists.  Especially patients who are recovering from an injury or surgery on a limb will  recover faster , keeping you better within the prescribed treatment times .

For professional use  also our HOME4 series are very practical. The equipment is often used in home visits, because of its portability . In order to have sufficient choice of treatment , we recommend to consider purchasing the HOME4- LX9bag in such a case . If you want to give a device on loan for home treatment, inbetween the practical treatments , you might consider purchasing our simplest device. For example, edema can be  rapidly reduced (a good result is often reached  in 3 weeks)  and the patient can already start wearing  compression stocking . The simple operation makes that you need to instruct the patient only briefly and that he can perform the treatment, if necessary several times a day, independently.  In the physio practice, this equipment also complies . You should be aware however that the cuffs will wear out sooner , because they are designed for home use , and not for continuous use in practice .