Professional use

As a masseur or therapist you’d like to give full attention to your client. For professional use , the PRO6 model MK400L from  Doctor Life is available. It allows you to fine-tune a professional massage for the treatment to give to the client. Massage requires a lot of effort and to deal with multiple clients in one day requires a lot from you physically. By using the IPC therapy you can better divide your forces over the day and give the client an after-treatment to put the icing on the cake. The reason why your client returns to you again and again.

Features of the PRO6 models MK300 or 400  equipment are:

  • Specifically designed for the healthcare professional in practice, hospital or  rehabilitation centre.
  • Treatments can be performed quickly and reliably by the standard three or six pre-programmed treatments.
  • Deviations from the standard treatments are easy to set up.
  • Accurate treatment by the use of cuffs with 6 chambers.
  • High treatment efficiency through the ability to connect multiple cuffs.
  • High reliability because every chamber has a separate airfeed.
  • The pressure will build up with a decreasing gradient hence a too high pressure at the ends of limbs is avoided.
  • The inflation speed (blow up) of the chamber is adjustable (model MK400).
  • During treatment you can activate or de-activate each chamber (model MK400).
  • Pressure setting, with steps of 10 mmHg, between 20 and 200 mmHg
  • There is a plurality of cuffs e.g.  leg cuff, arm cuff, waist cuff and full body cuff.  All cuff chambers are already connected to the hoses  , only the connection to the device needs to be made with one connector.