Athletes know what  massage can do for their condition, for muscle recovery and muscle rehab. Unfortunately, only a few (top) athletes have access to a private sports massage therapist . The Doctor Life IPC massage equipment makes for every athlete regular (sports ) massage within his / her reach. Regular use of IPC promotes the removal of waste products and supply of nutrients throughout the lymphatic and circulatory system. It will increase overall fitness, fasten muscle recovery and muscle rehab . Atletes like Simone Biles, the worlds best gymnast,  applies IPC massage systems every day.

With Doctor Life massage devices the massage pressure is adjustable.

At low pressure massage ( 20-60 mmHg) the device stimulates the lymphatic system and the circulatory system by massaging the legs , arms and /or hips with air-filled cuffs. The improvement of the discharge of lymph fluid will cause a decrease of the accumulation of moisture in an arm or leg . Because of the improvement of the bloodcirculation  and lymphatic drainage of moisture at the same time, the immune system is enhanced and one is less susceptible to all kinds of diseases .

At high pressure massage , or sports massage (130 – up to 240 mmHg),  the most important effect is the reduction of the muscle tension and loosening of hard tissue. This results in increased circulation of the blood and nutrients can be supplied . Fluid accumulation due to muscle damage will diminish. Massaging the muscles before a workout or match should be  part of the warming-up and preparation . Because  a 10 minute treatment is already effective, it can be applied during the break of matches , and the sports masseur / physiotherapist may focus on those who need specific treatment. Regular use gives a significant contribution to the prevention of injuries.

 When applied during warming- up and cooling -down  muscle tension will decrease and faster muscle recovery position will take place by better drainage of waste products from the muscles. The acidification of muscles after exercise will decrease. More top performances in one day in e.g. swimming, skating or athletics is thereby facilitated better.  IPC improves blood flow to the muscles and helps also to prevent injuries. If injuries do occur, application of  IPC could lead to a significantly faster recovery.

Many athletes use high-altitude training to improve oxygen transport , to stimulate the production of red blood cells or they resort to medication. But did you know that IPC will help you as an athlete to improve your oxygen delivery in the lungs in a natural way ? And that  on rest days if you relax with IPC  you can still continue to  improve your oxygen supply ? Recent research has shown that the blood velocity in the calves during IPC  with leg cuffs increases 45% .

A regular IPC massage strengthens your immune system. The chance of illness during the period that you have to perform is smaller!